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Chemical Engineering is a continuously evolved discipline. From the dawn of petroleum industries to an era of information technology and biotechnology, chemical engineers have been employed in refineries, petrochemical complexes, electronic industries, fermentation plants and so on. Among the most important driving forces of chemical engineering discipline at present are renewable energy, biotechnology, development of new material and clean technology for sustainable development. A degree in Chemical Engineering at Suranaree University of Technology both for undergraduate or graduate degrees will prepare you to be chemical engineers who have scientific and engineering knowledge, problem solving skills and good teamwork through coursework and cooperative education offered in the curriculum. Our professors, academic and administrative staff, and alumni along with industrial cooperative partners are all committed to prepare you ready for the global chemical engineering industries while maintaining Thai cultural heritage.


The mission of the SUT’s school of Chemical Engineering in three important areas is:


To offer undergraduate and graduate programs with cooperative education that prepare graduates to master physical and chemical processes, engineering design and problem-solving skills so that they can exercise leadership and knowledge in industry, academia, and government in terms of technological, economic, and social issues.


To provide a comprehensive chemical engineering and interdisciplinary research program that attract interests of prospected graduate students and funding agencies and contributes to solve the solving the technological needs of the national and global economy and society.

Social Responsibility

To promote active leadership and teamwork by our students, faculty members and staffs in shaping the technological and social context of responsible participation on technical, social, education, economic, and environmental issues facing the country and around the world.