This research group has been found since 1995. It works in collaboration with the Intelligent System Research Group, the Image and Signal Processing Group, and the Control Theory Group of the School of Mathematics. Currently, the group holds some patent pendings on visual servo control of a robot-arm.

Several masters have graduated from this group, while many are working towards their master and doctoral degrees. The group is interested in various aspects of control, mechatronics, automation, and drives. Applied artificial intelligence has also been an important research issue of the group. Followings are some topics under investigations.
  • Development of Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithms
  • Convergence and Performance Analyses of the Adaptive Tabu Search
  • Identification via Image Processing Techniques
  • Visual Servo Control of a Manipulator
  • Monte Carlo Approach to Solve Robusted Control Problems
  • Identification and Compensation for Harmonic in Power Systems
  • Vector Controlled Sensorless AC Drive
  • Speed/Torque Observers Design and Optimization
  • Learning Control Stabilization of a Complex System
  • Modelling and Identification of Nonlinear Friction
  • Robusted Compensation for Torsional Resonance
  • Power Factor Control.